Here are some suggestions for sending attachments

Note about sending attachments: The maximum message size any user can send through the Expedient mail servers is 10MB (or 10,000 Kb) total. However, it is recommended that you do not send a single file larger than 1-2 MB to eliminate possible problems in sending or receiving mail attachments.

Attaching Photos

1 - Identify and locate the photo(s) you wish to send (what folder);
2 - open an e-mail, addressed to me link, the title is set as "Attachments; insert text to as you see fit;
3 - somewhere on the face of the e-mail you'll find a link or other queue for "attaching" a file (or photo). In g-mail, it's a paper clip icon at the bottom of the page;

4 - hit that prompt queue - you'll be prompted to "open" a file (or photo) - and offered a chance to browse to the location of whatever you wish to send (attach);

5 - with the browse feature, go to where the photo is located and click (open) on that file;
6 - if you wish to send more on this e-mail, click "attach another file" icon or similar queue;
7 - repeat the process above;
8 - when you are ready - hit send as you normally do. That's it!

Attaching files other than photos

Files such a word, spreadsheet or graphic files usually require either the generating program at the receiving end or a compatible one. .pdf means portable document format and saves a file in .pdf which can them be opened without concern about having the generating program or compatible at the receiving end.

Desktop pdf programs litter the web and are FREE for download. Just type Desktop pdf in your browser window and see what comes up. When you download these programs, they will usually install as a virtual printer. To make a file a .pdf file, just click it and 'print' with the .pdf program. The file will go to the virtual printer (not a real printer) and the result is  a .pdf file, ready to attach if you wish.


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