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    The unique combination of creativity, artistic talent and initiative have come together to produce something new and wonderful: sets of special cards and accompanying dinner place sets. These are highlighted below.

  - The Products: the dinner place cards are 4 5/8 inch wide and 3 1/2 inch high (folded in the middle) to form a "pup tent" to set in front of each dinner guest. On the front of each is a place for each guest's name. The back is usually printed too but can be made blank if requested. Accompanying cards, as appropriate, are 5 1/4 inch wide and 8 3/8 inch high, perfect for note cards to mail. The back of the cards may be printed or blank. The inside is always blank, ready for your note. Each card comes with an envelope with a pre-printed return address label.
  - The Costs: for new cards and place settings, there is a one-time modest development cost, usually $10-$20. If you are ordering a set which is on this page, there are no additional development costs. To produce printed matter, there are production costs: printing, cutting to size and folding. The production costs vary with quantity but are typically: greeting card, includes printed envelope $1.89 each and notecards $.79 each (but must buy in multiples of 2.
  - The Photos: most of the photos on this page are 'thumbnails.' Double click any to see that photo expanded. Although shown here as separate products, any set can be made to include both dinner place setting and mail able cards - but not all are necessarily appropriate. That's your call. Due to the size of the cards and pace settings, you may need to scroll (browser arrows) to see the entire entity on the screen.
  - How to order: Deb can take orders for anything on this page - or take orders for creating something new. Contact Deb at (570) 888-7447 or
  - Debbie will assist you with the order to ensure she has all the information to provide you with superb products.
  - Product 'thumbnail' photos - click any to expand - use the browser left arrow to return to this page.

I. Set One: Matching sets of dinner place settings and cards to mail set one



Pink flower' greeting card (left) and place setting (right) - click to expand




'Purple flowers' greeting card (left) and place setting (right) - click to expand




'Tapestry' greeting card (left) and place setting (right) - click to expand

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Wine Label Stuff - Auto Thumbnails, click the photo to expand


1. This is the first picture for wine labels - by Bill Andrews

2. Transfer House in Decatur, Il (Central Park)

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3. F-15 Strike Eagle - crop the bottom black title please 4. James Millikin University, Decatur, Il

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set two

II. Set Two: Holiday dinner setting place cards - click to expand


Christmas, Christmas, Easter, Easter, Father's Day, Father's Day


July 4th, Mother's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving

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Set Three - other photos here

III. Set Three: Religious greeting cards - click to expand


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