Class of 58 Lost Contact With These Classmates
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  Barbara Hunt Flagg Shirley Kirby  SDHS
  Janet Bellamy  MHS Martha Marsh  SDHS
  Sue Ann Colman EHS Phyllis Martin  EHS
  Gail Faulhaber Flemming MHS Rosemary Mays  EHS
  Richard Fischer MHS Yvonne Moore  EHS
  Mary Ann Harris MHS Evelyn Ray  SDHS
  Charles Hayes EHS Barbara Scott  SDHS
  Kathy Johnson  SDHS Larry Johnson SDHS
  Marilyn Jones  EHS Marilyn Nones EHS
  Betti Joyner Price  EHS John F. (Buddy) Strocher SDHS
  Kay Kerans  SDHS Ron Kelly
  Bill Eckert Nancy Williams
  Delores Weaver Call Dr. Michael Hicks
  Suzanne Lewis Eaton Bonnie Barnes Tesseo
  Janet Grider Stone David Smith MHS
  James Brown Pat Williamson Long
  Judy Tosh Hall David Schmutz
  Polly Crawford Dozier Jack Anderson SDHS
  John Louk EHS Richard Van Hook
  James Auer Howard Rudd
  Ron Childs EHS Carolyn Fulk Maple
  Carol Sue Hall Rice Barbara Lovecamp Nichols
  Linda Hillard Thomas Tom Whitehurst
  Judy Shobe Austin  
  Ted Trempel  
  Jim McQuality