Class of 58 55th Reunion Oct 4-6th 2013
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Our 55th Reunion Photos

These are 'thumbnails.' Click to expand the photo to max size used on the site. The photos were really mucho bigger but cut down to be practical. The top center group kids are from Dennis School - note the link in red. If you use the link with any photo, use the browser LEFT arrow to get back here.

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Carolyn Hungness Dunlap & Dave Tosh L-R: Doug Nichols, John Kapernick in back, Alice Rosenberg Hart, Ginny Nichols, Helen Waller Roman behind Ginny, Daunt Chapman Peecher on Ginny's left side, Carolyn Hungness Dunlap in back, Jan Quigle Frede, Janice Duncan Ford, Jim Talbert & Rick Stark - all Dennis School link kids L-R: Jan Quigle Frede, Ginny Nichols, Helen Waller Roman, Alice Rosenberg Hart & Carolyn Hungness Dunlap
Dave Yochum & John Kapernick L-R: JimBob & DaveBob Mildrews, purdy nearly almost exactly  identical twins - so to speak Ginny & Doug Nichols
L-R: Brenda Mathis Sensenig, Jim Andrews, Cheryl Garver Schmidt, Jeane Willms Holderby and Dave Miller L-R: Linda Vance,  Marilyn Chaney Parshall, Margery Knierim Wilcoxen, Nancy King Ator, Sheila Hicks Witt-Mannweiler. These ladies are from the Girl Scout troop: L-R: Cheryl Garver Schmidt , Linda Tate Nelsen, Karen Bartels England, Sammy Ann Latch Robbins, Marilyn Chaney Parshall, Sharon Cash Burbes, Linda Vance, & Marge Knierim Wilcoxen.
Sharen and Jim Talbert with Dave Brobst


R-L: Sheila Mannweiller, Sandy and Chuck Smith, Brenda Mathis Sensenig and Jim Andrews at the foreground table L-R: Bill Sly, Chris and Dan Foster, Bob Smith and Jerry Freeman. Lucy Smith is at the table
L-R: John Kapernick, Ellen Griles, Rick Stark, Suzi Wyness, Dave Wyness, Jerry Freeman, Jan Freeman and Dave Brobst L-R: Helen Waller Roman, Jan Quigle Frede, and Marilyn Chaney Parshall L-R: Phil Blankenburg, Janice Duncan Ford, and Daunt Chapman Peecher
L-R: Dave and Mary Miller, Sharen and Jim Talbert, Phil and Carol Blankenburg and Joan Ames L-R: Bill Sowa, Jim and Sharen Talbert, Ellen Griles and John Kapernick Suzi and Dave Wyness, Rick Stark and Ethel Knop Sly
L-R: Jim Edwards, Phil Blankenburg and Tom Brabender Ellen Jones and Dave Miller
Bob Ames forwarded 94 photos from the Reunion - numbered and many are posted here
If you can help with names for any HELP, please let me know

the photo goes with the number above it

1 2 3
L-R: Rick Stark, Sharon Skidmore Mueller, Bill Mueller  and Carol Blankenburg R-L: Phil Blankenburg and Lyle Fisher R-L: Dave and Suzi Wyness, Rick Stark, Dave Brobst, Carol and Phil Blankenburg, Jim and Sharen Talbert, and Joan Ames
4 5 6
L-R: Alice Rosenberg Hart, Jan Quigle Frede, Helen Waller Roman, Carolyn Hungness Dunlap and Charles Dunlap L-R: Bill and Judy Sowa, Jim and Judy Cornell L-R: Lori and Chuck Yates
7 8 9
L-R: Donna Venters & Adrian Shelton - Dan & Marsha Weber and Diane and Jim Edwards L-R: Gary and June Wakefield Bodine, Bev Schroeder Bundy, Shirley Morenz Taylor and Sandy Harrison Maddox L-R: Carmen (Muirheid) Auerbach, Alan Auerbach, Liz Shaw, Sandy Haring Crowe and Jim Edwards
10 11 12
The '58 Happy Campers L-R: Joan Ames, Sharen and Jim Talbert, John Kapernick and Ellen Griles L-R: Joan Ames, Sharen and Jim Talbert, John Kapernick and Ellen Griles
13 14 15
Bill and Judy Sowa L-R: Dave Miller, Chuck Smith, Jerry Freeman and Tom Brabender Nita Ayers Phillips and Bill Stoner
16 17 18
L-R: Dana Hallihan (partial), Bev Bundy, Diane Edwards, Linda Kohlbecker O'Brien, and June Wakefield Bodine L-R: Kay Gray Lentz,  Daunt Chapman Peecher, Janice Duncan Ford L-R: Ted Peoples, Dave Causey &  Jerry Freeman
19 20 21
L-R: Jeane Willms Holderby, Mac Butler  and Sharon Cash Burbes L-R: Don Shuster and Richard Dobbertin Part of the 30 or so who toured the E HS construction
22 23 24
Part of the 30 or so who toured the E HS construction Part of the 30 or so who toured the E HS construction Part of the 30 or so who toured the E HS construction
25 26 27
Several happy folks L-R: Carolyn and Charles Dunlap, Alice Rosenberg Hart, Helen Waller Roman and Jan Quigle Frede L-R: Kay Gray Lents, Sandy Haring Crowe, HELP, James Adrian Skelton, Donna Venters Skelton and HELP
28 29 30
Bob Smith, Lucy Lindsay Smith, Virgin Harker Bryant, Bruce Campbell, Liz Shaw Campbell, a man next to Liz Diane and Jim Edwards, Larry Esworthy, Lynn Hackman (kneeling), Sandi Esworthy, Judie Hehmeyer Johnson and 1 other lady and Dana Hallihan Biehler Bill and Judy Sowa (seated), Betty Fuqua standing
31 32 33
L-R: Kay Gray Lentz, Sandy Ford Walker, Nancy Taylor Wade L-R: Dennis Rodgers, Nita Ayers Phillips, Bruce Campbell, Suzi Michl Wyness and Dave Miller John Kapernick and Ellen Griles
34 35 36
L-R: Dave Wyness, Sharen Talbert, Joan Ames, Jan and Jerry Freeman Lyle Fisher and Carol Rauschek Fisher Linda Vance, Judy and Bill Sowa