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A Bit of Local History Regarding Decatur's Class of '58 top

Prior to 1958, Decatur had three high schools including Stephen Decatur High School in downtown Decatur (pictured at left), Saint Teresa Catholic High School (private school) on the north side and Lakeview High School on the far east side. Pictured on the left is Stephen Decatur High School, named for Commodore Stephen Decatur (inset on the right). The Decatur High School student population was very large and the building's capacity was being exceeded.

To ease the burden of so many students, Decatur built two new high schools: Eisenhower High School on the east side and MacArthur High on the west. MacArthur opened in 1957 and Eisenhower in 1958 and the first graduating class was celebrated for each in June 1958. We are the first graduates of MacArthur and Eisenhower High Schools.

We are proud of our friends and Classmates from '58. They have gone on to successful careers in many walks of American life and, as good citizens, have significantly contributed to a better America.

The 'link' next to the Classmate's name should go to the Yearbook page for their photo

Classmates [alphabetic by maiden name, (current married name), first name]

Home Mailing Address

Home Phone
Abel Elbert Larry link    

Adleman Lynn  - no class photo

Albers (Landahl) Carolyn  link    
Albrecht (Crooke) Lee Ellen  link    
Alderson Jim  link    
Allen Pat link    
Allen Robert  link    
Alsbury James Howard  link    
Alverson (Bagley) Nancy  link    
Ames Bob   link    
Anderson H. Gerald  link    
Anderson Jack  link    
Anderson (Burkart) Judy  link    
Andrews Jim  link 195 Harding Road         Rome, PA 18837-8106 (570) 247-7497
Andrix Mike  link    
Armsworth (Mayberry) Sue  link    
Ater Mike  link    
Auer James  link    
Ayers (Phillips) Nita  link    
Bailey Patricia   link    
Ball Erna Ruth  link    
Ballard Leilani  link    
Baltimore James  - no class photo    
Barbee Ann  - no class photo    
Barding Nancy  link    
Barnes Bonnie Louise   link    
Bartels (England) Karen Lee link    
Bartels (McDonald) Barb    link    
Barr James Norman  link    
Barwick (Getchell) Barbara  link       
Bates George   link    
Bates (Shields) Gloria Nell  link    
Batson Darrell  link    
Batthauer Harold  link    
Baum Dorothy  link    
Beach Doris  link    
Beacom Robert Alan  link    
Beadles Philip  link    
Beal Donald  link    
Beard Jim   link    
Beasley Betty   link    
Bechtel Julia Gisela link    
Beggs (Stuckey) Lona Sue  link    
Behrend (Edwards) Diane  link    
Beimfohr (Keller) Shirlee L.  link 1251 Sunset Drive    Leesburg, FL   34700-0233  
Belenski Elizabeth  link    
Bell Martha R.  link    
Bellamy Janet Colleen  link    
Benjamin Jerry  link    
Bentz Judith Ann  link    

Burgener Sam - no glass photo

Bethards David  link    
Beyer (Hart) Carolyn link 681 E. Thompson St. #A     Princeton, Il.  61356  
Beiderwieden Judith  link    
Biggs Tom   link    
Binns William - no class photo    
Bilyeu John   link    
Bishop (Osterling) Jane E.   link    
Blankenburg Phil   link    
Boedecker (Kratzert) Barbara   link    
Booker (Rozzell) Sally Sue  link    
Bork Sharon  link    
Boyer (Kent) Barbara  link    
Boland Judith Ann  link    
Bourner Larry E.  link    
Boyle Barbara   link    
Brabender Tom  link    
Branch Judy  link    
Brewer Richard  link    
Britton Judith Ann  link    
Brobst Dave   link    
Brooks (Shuster) Evelyn  link    
Bronson Richard  link    
Brown Carolyn Ann  link    
Brown Diane  link    
Brown James  link    
Brumley (Bickes) Sandra   link    
Brummitt James - no class photo    
Bryant Jim link    
Buchanan Russell  link    
Buck (Bryant) Kay  link    
Bundy Patrick  link    
Bunton Bill   link    
Burchard Kenneth E.  link    
Burcham Larry S.  link    
Burge (Blankenship) Cathi   link 116 Academy Drive     Wilmore, KY 40390  
Burgenor Samuel E.  link    
Burgess Patricia Ann  link    
Burgess Sherrill   link    
Burrows Dean  link    
Campbell Bud   link    
Campbell Bruce  link    
Campbell Harold Lee  link    
Campbell Roger Wayne  link    
Cameron Betty   link    
Carr Sharon  link    
Carter Larry  link    
Carter (Betzer) Judith Louise  link    
Cash (Burbes) Sharon   link    
Castor (Dunn) Abbie Jean   link    
Castor  Gary  link    
Causey Dave - no class photo    
Cazier Harold  link    
Champion Donald E.  link    
Chaney Dennis  link    
Chaney (Parshall) Marilyn   link    
Chapman (Peecher) Daunt   link    
Charvat Iris  link    
Chase Leo   link    
Childers (Morris) Zandra   link    
Childs Ronald  link    
Clancy Linda Kathleen  link    
Clendenen Sr. James - no photo    
Clough Janet  link    
Coberly Mary  link    
Coffer Charmaine Diane  link    
Cochennour (Johnson) Jenny  link    
Colburn Jerry link    
Colburn Marshall  link    
Coleman (Heffernan) Elaine  link    
Coleman Glodine  link    
Collins Donald W.  link    
Collins Henry  link    
Collins Larry  link    
Colman Sue Ann  link    
Comp Daniel S. Lee   link    
Compton Bill   link    
Conroy Ralph  link    
Cooke  Barbara  link    
Cornell Jim   link    
Copas Corazon  from Portugal  link    
Corrington Steve   link    
Coulter Dale Rodell  link    
Crawford Barbara Lynn   link    
Crawford Patsy Ann  link     
Crawford Polly Ann link    
Crow Janet  link    
Cruz Nancy  link    
Cummings Elaine  link    
Cummins (Dungey) Nancy  link    
Curry (Broske) Janet  link    
Cushing Phil  link    
Cushing Victor M.   link 210 Homestead Dr.  Roaring Brook TWP, PA 18444  
Cuttill Larry - no class photo  
Dahl Terry E.   link  
Dash Ernie Russell   link    
Davern Richard P.  link    
Davis Donna  link    
Deardorf Arlen E.  link    
Dempster Bruce   link      
Dempster Samuel  link    
Dennis Ira  link    
Dickinson George  link    
Dillinger (Karolus) Wanda   link    
Dillman Tom  link    
Dingman Robert Lee  link    
Disney Patsy  link    
Donaldson (Chaney) Judy E.  link    
Dondeville Howard  link    
Donner Donna Mae  link    
Dorn Scott  DHS 57   link    
Doran Janice   link    
Doty Thomas - no class photo    
Douglas Jim  DHS-57    no photo    
Dougherty David  - no class photo    
Dowd George R.  link    
Dunbar Don - no class photo    
Duncan (Ford) Janice Kay  link    
Dunham Harold  link    
Dunn Janice  link    
Dunn Robert  link    
Durbin Carol Ann   link    
Dvorak (Minton) Connie Sue link    
Dworak Gary Arthur   link    
Easter (Ray) Joyce  link    
Edwards Jim   link 819 Colorado Court     Springfield, IL 62711 (217) 546-2129
Eckert Bill  - no class photo
Ellison Dee Anne  link
Emge Judy  link
Erdman Wilma Elaine  link
Erlenbusch Don  link
Essex (Walter) Sharon Leigh  link
Ethington Clarence  link
Ethington Happy - no class photo
Eversole Alice Almeda   link    
Eyer Stephen  link    
Eyman Dale  link    
Fagin John Douglas   link 201 E. Sangamon St  Chandlerville  Il  62527-9154  
Falk Judi Kay   link    
Faulhaber (Flemming) Gail  link    
Felts Robert  link    
Fencken Dale Harry link    
Fields (Yeager) Cecile Denise  link    
Fischer Ewald  link    
Fischer Richard  link    
Fisher Lyle  link    
Flake Clarke J.  link    
Flake Janice  link    
Fletcher (Wood) Cornelia Sue  link    
Flowers Bob   link    
Flowers (Foster) Esther Mae  link    
Fonk Dennis Herbert  link    
Forcum (Harding) Pat  link    
Ford Amos link    
Ford Sandy  link    
Fortner Linda Kay  link    
Foster James Daniel  link    
Frank Kenneth  link    
Frazelle Judith Irene  link    
Frede John Frederick  link    
Freeman Jerry   link    
Freischlag (O' Connor) Barbara link    
Fulk Carolyn  link    
Fuqua Betty Darlene   link    
Fyke Darrell  link    
Gaither William "Bill" D.  link 624 Oxford Road     Versailles, KY  40383 (859) 873-8553
Gandy Gerald - no class photo
Garrels Terry link
Garver (Schmidt) Cheryl link 1555 W Highland Place     Decatur, Ill. 62526-1569 (217) 875-1555
Gendry Bob   link    
Gentry Ruth  link    
Giberson Shirley   link    
Gill John Francis   link    
Given Mary Andrea  link    
Gogerty Tom - no class photo 1102 Basin Drive        Lockport, Il 60441
Gordillo Paul - no class photo
Gray Francis Campbell  link
Gray (Lents) Kay Lynette   link    
Grider (Stone) Janet  link    
Grider Leonard Charles  link    
Grindol Phil  link    
Gross David  link    
Gross Delmar  link    
Grubaugh Sam  link    
Grunert (Lienemann) Darla  link 1170 Woodridge Court      Decatur Ill. 62526  
Guinn Keith  link    
Guyer Paul Wayne  link    
Guysinger Gary  link    
Hackl Norma  link    
Hackman Lynn - no class photo    
Hahn Linda  link    
Halbrook Ada  - no class photo    
Hale Delphine Paulette  link    
Hale (Parker) Elizabeth Ann  link    
Hall Carol Sue  link    
Hall Dale  link    
Hallihan (Biehler) Dana  link    
Hambrecht Phil  link    
Hamilton Carolyn  link    
Hammond Donald - no class photo    
Hardy Mary Ellen  link    
Haring (Crowe) Sandy  link    
Harker (Bryant) Virginia  link    
Harlin Ronald  - no class photo    
Harris (Bachman) Barbara J.  link    
Harris Larry R.  link    
Harris Mary Ann  link    
Harris Sharon Lynn  link    
Harrison (Maddox) Sandi - link    
Hassinger (Hackl) Norma  link    
Hassinger Richard - no class photo    
Hayer (Holmes) Jean Kathleen  link    
Hayes Charles   link    
Hayes Linda  link    
Hathaway (Marquardt) Suzanne   link  14826 Wyoming Pass  San Antonio, Tx 78254
Hawkins Jr. James Paul   link
Hawkins Sheila Jones  link
Haynes Ron  link    
Hazelrigg David  link    
Hecht Stanley  link    
Hedenberg Melvin R.  link 2700 N Monroe St # 350     Decatur, IL   62526-3296  
Hegarty David  link    
Heidgerken (Wagner) Joan  link    
Hendrian (Wittenauer) Judy  link    
Hendricks John  link    
Hertenstien Frederick   link 221 N. Belmont Ave     Springfield, OH 45503  
Hehmeyer (Johnson) Judy   link    
Hester Joyce Kathryn  link    
Hickman Norma  link    
Hickman Robert "Bob"  link 23660 Hickory Lane     Minooka, IL 60447 (815) 521-9390
Hicks Michael  link
Hicks (Witt-Mannweiler) Sheila link 2830 N. Primrose Lane     Decatur, IL  62526
High Beth  no class photo
Hill Judith  link
Hill Ronnie - no class photo
Hilliard Linda Mae  link
Hinrichs Jean Shirleen   link
Hinton Lotha Lou  link
Hobson Phil  link    
Hoffman John F.  link    
Hogan Elwin Ray  link    
Holben Meredith Ann  link    
Holderby Janice Lynn  link    
Hollingsworth David  link    
Holmes (Stowell) Judith   no photo PO Box 3163        Decatur, IL 62524  
Homrighous (Lee) Lois   link    
Howard Richard Albert link    
Hotwick Beverly Ann  - no photo    
Hoyt Karen Sue  link    
Huffer Carolyn link    
Huffman Dean  link    
Hufford (Neureuther) Bev link    
Hungness (Dunlap) Carolyn  link 4005 Spring Island              Okatie, SC 29909 (843) 987-6869
Hunt Barbara Jean  link    
Hurst Bessie Marlene   link    
Hutchens Robert Travis  link    
Isome George  link    
Jackson Priscilla Eugeneia  link    
Jacobs Dick  link    
Jarrett Ralph  link    
Jendry Milton D.  link    
Johnson (Eggen) Bernadine   link    
Johnson Jack H.  link
Johnson Janet Lorraine  link    
Johnson Janet Lou  link    
Johnson Kathy  link    
Johnson Larry  link    
Jones (Miller) Ellen link    
Jones Marilyn  - no class photo    
Josserand John Lewis  link    
Joyner Bettie  - no class photo    
Joyner Clinton  link    
Kaminski (Rodman) Karen  link    
Kapernick John Stuart  link    
Kearney (Martin) Bev  link
Keck Mary Ann   link
Keisling Nelson W.  link    
Kelley Ronald  link    
Kelly (Hazelrigg) Norma  link    
Kelm (Froneck) Janet  link    
Kendall Perry Clark  link    
Kerans Kay  link    
Kilborn Mary Day - no class photo    
King (Ator) Nancy Jane  link    
King Richard  link    
Kinsey Bruce   link    
Kirby Bob   link    
Kirk (Layfield) Denise Mavis  link Clearwater, Florida (727) 868-5689
Kirby Shirley   link
Kirkby Tim   link
Kirkpatrick (Threlkeld) Betty   link    
Kitchens Patricia  link    
Klabunde Ulrich   link    
Klebe Herb  link    
Knierim James  - no class photo    
Knierim (Wilcoxen) Margery  link 64 Friars Lane          Springfield, IL  62704-5320 (217) 793-2510
Kohlbecker (O'Brien) Linda link    
Koons (Bush) Pat  link    
Knop (Sly) Ethel   link    
Kramer (Stock) Kay  link    
Kramer (Logan) Linda Rena  link    
Krause Mary Evelyn  link    
Krutsinger Larry  link      
Kunard Donald Alan  link    
Kurokawa Tatsuo  link    
Lambert (Wilking) Nancy  link 2301 Veterans Drive                  Effingham, Il  62401
Lanckton Dean L.  link
Landers Carol  link
Latch (Robbins) Sammy Ann  link
Leckrone Ronald  link
Lewis Eaton Suzanne    link
Lockhart Charlie   link    
Logue Harry “Bo”  Jr  link    
Long Eugene  link    
Longbons Robert E.  link    
Lorenz (Gerhard) Mary Ann link    
Louk John  link    
Lovekamp Barbara   link    
Lupton (Floyd) Nancy  link    
Lyles James - no class photo    
Lyman Jr. Robert Edward  link    
Lyon Chuck  link    
Maddox Dale and Sue - no photo 36 View Circle     Oreana, Il. 62554 Sue 217 454-6499
Mades John Wayne   link
Mahon Leroy  link
Major (Carson) Patricia Carol  link    
Malleos Thomas Nick link    
March Frank - no class photo    
Markley Barbara Elaine  link    
Marsh Donald  link    
Marsh Martha   link    
Martin Alan   link    
Martin Phyllis  link    
Massey Beth Marlene   link 154 Starland Lane     Southern  Pines, N.C. 28387  
Mathis (Sensenig) Brenda  link 2424 W Forest Ave     Decatur, Ill 62522-2673 (217) 423-7636

Brenda's Cell phone ...

(217) 454-9603
Mattison David L.  link    
Mayberry David Lynn  link    
Mays Rosemary  link    
McCarty Eddie  link    
McCarty David Merle  link    
McCoy David  link    
McClughan (Pappas) Karen K.  link    
McEvoy Jean E.  link    
McGee Charlene  link    
McGill Marilyn - no class photo    
McGlade Joyce Elaine  link    
McKenzie Ron  link    
McLaughlin Robert - no class photo    
McRoberts Elda Darlene  link    
McQuality Ed - no yearbook photo    
McQuality Jim  link    
McWilliams Lynn  link 2525 File Drive     Decatur, IL  62521
Mendenhall David  link    
Michl (Wyness) Suzanne  link 91 W. Plaza del Sol     Islamorada, FL 33036 (305) 664-9148 
Miller Cynthia Ann  link
Miller David EHS  link
Miller David SDHS  link    
Miller Don  link    
Miller Edith link    
Miller Pamela Ann  link    
Miller Roberta Ann  link    
Miller Vern Lynn   link    
Milligan Bill - no class photo    
Mitchell Myra Lorraine  link    
Moore (Hagen) Betty- no photo    
Moore Elizabeth Jane  link    
Moore Linda  link    
Moore Yvonne  link    
Morenz (Taylor) Shirley Joann  link    
Moldenhauer (Stark) Nancy  link    
Mueller Robert "Skip" 2403 W Hickory Ct       Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 (608) 7582802
Mumma Steve   link    
Muirheid Aeurbach Carmen  link    
Murphy Karen  link    
Murphy Sue  link    
Murray Mary Margaret  link    
Murray Shirley   link    
Musgrave Terry   link    
Myers Michael  link    
Nation Ira C.  link    
Neal Larry  link    
Neet (George) Joan Ellen   link    
Nein Gail  link    
Newbon U. L.- no class photo    
Neyhard Linda Lee  link    
Nichols (Crackel) Zona Gayle  link    
Nichols Douglas Odell  link    
Nisbet Mary Margaret   link    
Nixon Jo  link    
Nixon (Rainey) Megan E.  link    
Nones Marilyn  - no class photo    
Novellino Beny   link    
Nulf James Richard  link    
Oakleaf (Redding) Sandra S.  link    
O'Bryan Joe   link    
Oldham Sandra  link    
Oppedal Janice Lee  link    
Osborn Larry  link    
Osborne Roger Philip  link    
Palian (Tabor) Brenda Kay   link 65 Walnut Way     Warrensburg, Mo 64093 (660) 747-7913
Palm-Leis Mati  link    
Patterson James  link    
Peebles Lois  link    
Peoples Theodore (Ted) Ralph   link    
Perry Janice  link    
Peterson (Hughes) Linda  - link    
Peterson Terry   link    
Petzel Janice  link    
Peveler Mary Lou  link    
Pharis (Benton) Victoria Jane   link    
Pierce Charles  link    
Pierce Pat - no class photo    
Piper George Orlin  link    
Piper Patricia  link    
Pool Mae  link    
Porter Gerald  link    
Portlock (Stickles) Judith  link    
Powell Larry  link    
Pritchett Shelbisue  link    
Pulliam (Leeds) Gloria   link    
Pyles Thomas  link    
Quigle (Frede) Jan Beth  link    
Quigley (Bardfield) Sharon link 18619 SW McClarey     Aloha, OR  97007 (503) 352-9174
Rabe (Vinovich) Bonnie Dell  link
Ragsdale (Gessaman) Martha  link
Raleigh Kenneth  link
Ramlow Bill   link 1308 Overhill Road     Columbia, MO 65203  
Rauscheck (Fisher) Carol  link    
Ray Evelyn   link    
Redding David  link    
Reed David Bruce   link    
Reed Patrick John   link    
Reeser (Gendry) Diana   link With our Class but moved to McAllen, Tx
Reindl Norma Janet  link
Reinhold James  link
Reining Wanda Jean  link
Rex Mary  link
Rhodes Charlene  link
Rhodes Diane  link
Rhymes Phyllis E. - no class photo
Rice Fred Allyn   link 1514 S. 32nd Street     Decatur, Il (217) 429-4541
Richards Patricia A. B.  link
Richie David  link
Riddle Marjorie Ferne  link
Ridgeway William   link
Ridlen Julian Leon  link

Riedel Roberta  link    
Rienehart Mary - no class photo    
Rigoni Dominic Keith  link    
Robb Judyth Ann  link    
Roberson Howard  link    
Roberson Johnie Lee  link    
Robinson (Macklin) Jan Etta  link    
Robinson (Nation) Nancy Elizabeth   link    
Rodgers Dennis  link    
Roe Sharon Lee   link    
Rogers David link    
Rogers (Davis) Carolyn- no photo    
Rogers George Nelson  link    
Roegner (Wacaser) Norma J.  link    
Rohman Colleen  link    
Roller Marilyn  link    
Rosenberg (Hart) Alice link 5412 Pinnacle Court     Ann Arbor, MI 48108 (734) 429-4142
Ross (Kurtz) Barbara Liane   link    
Ross (Fonk) Janet - no class photo    
Rowe Donna  link    
Rudd Howard Thomas  link    
Rudow Bruce   link    
Runnels (Anthony) Rosemary  link    
Rule Larry  link    
Rutherford (Esworthy) Sandi link    
Sadowski Walter link    
Saliba Sammy  link    
Scehnet Betty   link    
Schmitt (Harris) Marilyn J.  link 37 Lake Drive     Troy, Il 62294-1735 (618) 667-6684
Schmutz George David link
Schroeder (Bundy) Bev link
Schultz Harriet  link    
Scott (Zambrano) Barbara 172 Pottawattomie Dr. Cherokee Village, AR. 72529 870-257-1194
Sebens Gary   link    
Seitz Judith Jane  link    
Sell Nancy  link    
Shasteen David  link    
Shasteen Helen  link    
Shaw (Campbell) Elizabeth  link    
Shaw Sonia   link    
Sherrel Ron  link    
Shobe Judith Joyce  link    
Shoop Greg  link    
Shorbe (Eyre) Diana  - no photo    
Shutter Gary Lynn   link    
Shutter Gloria Crowe  link    
Shinneman Skip   link    
Siders Larry  link    
Sigmon Delbert  link    
Sigmon 'Willy' Claude   link    
Siloski Jerry  link    
Simpson Herschel  link    
Simpson Juanita - no class photo    
Six Edward  - no class photo    
Skidmore LaVon  link    
Skidmore (Mueller) Sharon link    
Slaw Dennis  link    
Smick Theriot Priscilla 4310 Flintlock Lane    Durham   NC   27704  
Smith Robert W.  link    
Smith Charles  link    
Smith David Eugene link    
Smith Harry  link    
Smith James Leon  link    
Sollis David Ray  link    
Songer Lynda  link    
Sowa Bill   link    
Spaar Jean Lucille  link    
Sparks Juanita  link    
Spears Larry  link    
Spellman Buddy - no class photo    
Stafford Bruce Thomas   link    
Starr (Confier) Judy  link 1411 N. Silverado Drive  Fountain Hills, AZ  85268 (480) 734-7342
Stark Rick   link 2791 Fox Run          Appleton, WI 54914 (920) 739-4025
Stern George  link    
Stewart Brian Louis  link    
Stewart (Shellhammer) Sandra  link    
Stivers Carolyn  link    
Stock Darryl   link    
Stoner Bill  link    
Strickland (Geliebter) Mignon  link    
Strocher John F. (Buddy) - link    
Stuart (Eads) Shirley  link    
Stubbs Priscilla Jayne  link    
Stukins Paul link    
Sweetnam William "Bill" J.   link    
Talbert Jim   link    
Tanner (Snell) Jan  link
Tappendorf Lyle - no class photo
Tapscott Darlene  link
Tate (Nelson) Linda  link    
Tate (Vest) Anna link 330 S. Walnut           Maroa, IL 61756 (217) 794-3390
Taylor Carroll Elvis EHS  link    
Taylor Carroll Eugene  MHS  link    
Taylor (Wade) Nancy Lou  link    
Taylor (Crowe) Sonya   link    
Teeters Arlan Roy   link    
Telfer (Weber) Marsha  link    
Tertocha Sylvia  link    
Thomason Shirley Jean   link    
Thompson Barbara Ann   link    
Thompson Larry  link    
Thompson Phyllis  link    
Tibbs Helen  link    
Turner William B.  link    
Terneus Wanda Carol   link    
Tosh David Stickel  link    
Tosh Judith Kay  link    
Tozer Ralph  link    
Trempel John Theodore  link    
Troxel Robert  link    
Trowbridge Russell B.  link    
Upper  Don A.  link    
Upper Ronald  link    
Van Hook Richard  link    
Van Lear George  link    
Vance Linda Carol  link    
Vaughn Darthwade Ray  link    
Vaughn (Shingelton) Joan  link    
Vieth Norma Jean  link    
Venters Donna Mae  link    
Voyles Jerry Wayne  link    
Wahl John   link    
Wakefield June  link    
Walker Linda Lou  link    
Wall G. Roger  link    
Waller (Roman) Helen link    
Walters (Guemmer) Donna 
Ward Robert  link
Warner (Weathers) Martha  link
Waters Martha L.  link
Watters Nancy Jo  link
Weatherholt (Howard) Charlotte  link
Weaver (Call) Dolores Marie  link
Weber Dan link    
Weilepp (Cross) Gertrude  link    
Whitacre (James) Marilyn   link    
White Larry  link    
Whitehurst Thomas W.   link    
Weiss Allen   link    
Wiesner Doris  link    
Wicker (Dobbertin) Janet L.  link    
Wilber Ronald Lee  link    
Wilcox Joseph Ray  link    
Willhite (Cooper) Marilyn E.  link 2692 N. Osage Drive    Boubonnais, IL  60914-4336 (815) 939-3718
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