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Say Hello to The Guys

Harold Dunham, Chuck Yates, Jerry Benjamin, Bruce Stafford, Ron McKenzie, and Dave Miller - taken May 1957
Brenda at home
Brenda Mathis Sensenig
Four Friends at Nelson Park
Mike Campbell, Jim Hiser, Carol Harnish, and Dave Miller
Walkin' the Rails
Four DHS Students Visited Elvis: Photographer was Jim Maltas with Tim Kirkby, Robert Mueller, Elvis Presley and Gary Maddox





Marilyn Whitacre




Ronald Oakes Sheila Hicks Staley Bears - circa 1920
Rick Stark at 6 - the boy Rick Stark - the man  





Brenda with her "little brother" Gary Mathis
OK Class, who's on first ... No, no ,Whose on Second, What's on First
Ethel Snell's Latin Class of 1953
Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah ... Yeah Our Guys
Our Lady Swimmers of the Dolphin Club
Friends on the lawn - looks like Dave Miller in the back
Leo Chase and Tom Brabender
The Girls Singing Group - Ready for the Big Time




More Photos, mostly from Dave Miller's Collection


Upper: David Chumbley (SDHS 59), Dave Miller, Darryl  Stock (SDHS 58)                 

Lower: Dave Miller, "Terrible" Ted Trempel, Sonya Taylor, Jose Montiel, Don Dunbar--all seniors.  It was taken the day of Senior Picnic in Nelson Park May 29, 1958.


Upper: Carol Harnish (EHS 59), Dave Miller, Donna Browning (EHS 59) and David Chumbley (SDHS 59) 

Lower: Harold Dunham, Chuck Yates, Jerry Benjamin, Bruce Stafford, Ron McKenzie, and Dave Miller - taken May 1957

photo id: E upper and F lower   photo id: G upper and H lower
You are nothing but a hound dog ...   Get that rebound ... Terry Musgrave 44?
Girls at the lockers: Joann Parker, Kay Stewart, and Barbara Pirge   Dave Miller and ...
Gang in the hall ...   Sally Rozell
Sandy Haring   Sandy Haring Crowe

This picture was taken at the TV Studio when they interviewed the Homecoming Queen contestants for 1958. In the picture is  L to R: Nancy Sell, Bev Kearney, Sandy Haring and Nancy Alverson (Alvy) Nancy Sell was the winner and was also a good singer, and cheerleader!

  Sandra Oakleaf Redding



Mr. Reagan and Mary Jo Black - Queen DHS '55   Brenda Mathis and Buddy
Nancy Lupton Floyd   Mavis Denise Kirk Layfield and her sister
Lois, Don and Fluffy   Linda Hughes
Linda Roberts and   Jim Edwards' painting of the Old Court House
Announcement for the 50th   Judy Kay Falk and husband
Dr. Harry Smith   Brenda Palian Tabor and Grand-daughter
Bruce Kinsey with his daughter   Cheryl Garver Schmidt
Chris and Dan Foster   Clifford and Alice Rosenberg Hart 45th anniversary
Esther and Nancy
Esther Flowers and Nancy Moldenhauer    Dan Foster and Bill Turner
Chuck Yates   John Frede - MHS Class President
Barbara Ross   Sally and Jim Andrews with Margaret Rund





Barb Bartels McDonald





Barbara Ross and Connie Kurtz (husband)




Megan and husband

Megan Rainey and her husband, Gil




Suzie Hathaway Marquardt




Alice Eversole & Miss Eline Svendsen - 2004





Alice Rosenberg and Jerry Freeman





Joan and Bob Ames



Sue and Julian Ridlin








Sonya Taylor Homecoming Queen and Dave Miller





A night at the Prom ...





More at the Prom ...




Class of ...



Here's trouble ... nah, just cool guys



Prom Queen Sonya Taylor, Dave Miller and the Court




Assignment: ... derive the theoretical time constant for proton decay - and show your work!



Singing at the Prom ...



Going to a movie ... OK, who pays?

Darryl Stock, Sonya Taylor and Dave Miller