Class of 58 Group Photos from The 50th Reunion
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 topThanks to all who helped make our 50th anniversary celebration a big success.   

Class-Mates by Robert Service

Bob Briggs went in for Government, And helps to run the State;
Some day they say he’ll represent His party in debate:
But with punk politics his job, I do not envy Bob.

Jim Jones went in for writing books, Best sellers were his aim;
He’s ten years younger than he looks, And licks the heels of Fame:
Though shop-girls make a fuss of him I do not envy Jim.

Joe Giles went in for grabbing gold, And groveled in the dirt;
He, too, looks prematurely old, His gastric ulcers hurt:
Although he has a heap of dough. I do not envy Joe.

I’ve neither fame nor power nor wealth, I fish and hunt for food;
But I have heaps of rugged health, And life seems mighty good.
So when my class-mates come to spend A week - end in my shack,
With lake and wood at journey’s end - They envy Jack.

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Stephen Decatur High School Class of '58


Back Row L-R: Dave Miller, Judy Hehmeyer Johnson, Dana Hallihan Biehler, Dennis Rodgers, Ron Haynes, Larry Siders, Dr. Harry Smith, Bob Smith, Leo Chase

Second Row L-R: Barbara Harris Bachman, Darryl Stock, Sandy Harrison Maddox, Ethel Mae Knop Sly, Ellen Jones Miller, Bill Sowa, Happy Ethington, Edward Six, Larry Krutsinger, Margery Knierim Wilcoxen

Front Row L-R: Kay Kramer Stock, Diane Behrend Edwards, Lona Beggs Stuckey, Carmen Muirheid Aeurbach, Shelia Hicks Mannweiler, Sammy Ann Latch Robbins, Trudie Weilepp Cross, Diana Reeser Gendry, Jan Tanner Snell, Suzanne Michl Wyness

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Eisenhower High School Class of '58

Back Row L-R: Darrell Batson, Jim Cornell, --3--, Dave Causey, Larry Spears, Bruce Kinsey, Dan Foster, Jim Edwards, Ron McKenzie, Lyle Fisher .

3rd Row L-R: Tom Brabender, Tom Biggs, Sheila Jones Hawkins, Bev Hufford Neureuther, Linda Kohlbecker O'Brien, Nancy Alverson Bagley, Delmar Gross, Charles Smith, Virginia Harker Bryant, Jim Bryant, Carol Rauscheck Fisher, Darla Grunert Lemonam

2nd Row L-R: Elaine Coleman Heffernan, Gloria Crowe Shutter, Charlotte Weatherholt Howard, Judy Williams Perkins, Evelyn Brooks Shuster, Cornelia Sue Fletcher Wood, Sally Booker Rozzell, Sharon Cash Burbes, Bev Schroeder Bundy, Joyce Easter Ray

Front Row L-R: George Bates, Harold Dunham, Chuck Yates, Dave Brobst, George Dickinson, Sharon Skidmore Mueller, Joan Vaughn Shingleton, Bob Ames

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MacArthur High School Class of '58


Back Row (all standing) L-R: Dave Tosh, Willy Sigmon, Charlie Lockhart, Rick Stark, Bill Stoner, Jerry Freeman, Bob Felts, Judy Starr, Stanley Hecht, Jim Beard, and Dave Yocum

Third Row (all standing) L-R: Jim Talbert (blue shirt), Carroll Taylor (tan jacket), Karen Bartels England (dark dress), Gloria Pulliam Leeds, Betty Moore Hagen, Diana Shorb Eyre (lady in tan outfit), Judy Hendrian Wittenauer (colorful jacket), Janice Duncan Ford, Megan Elizabeth Nixon Rainey (camel tan outfit), Patsy Forcum (purple top), Brenda Palian Tabor (lady in blue outfit just back of Alice's right shoulder), Carolyn Hungness (gray sweater), Kay Gray (very dark sweater), Cheryl Garver Schmidt (print jacket), Linda Vance, Wanda Dillinger, Mignon Strickland (purple outfit), Shirley Morenz Taylor, Helen Waller Roman, Terry Musgrave (standing in back), --21--, --22--, Bob (Skip) Mueller, Jan Quigle Frede (lady in dark outfit), and Steve Mumma

Second Row (seated) L-R: Sam Dempster (seated on stool), Janet Wicker Dobbertin, Linda Tate Nelson, Gloria Shields Bates, Betty Fuqua Harris, Sandi Rutherford Esworthy, Jean Willms Holderby, Alice Eversole, Marilyn Schmidt Harris, Nancy Taylor Wade, Marilyn Chaney, Sharon Essex Walters, and Phil Blankenburg (kneeling in dark jacket)

Front Row (seated) L-R: Roger Campbell, Ed McQuality, Bob Gendry, Dale Coulter, John Kapernick, Pat Reed, and Julian Ridlen


SDHS Group Photo EHS Group Photo  MHS Group Photo

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