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Photos and names sent April 20th by Pat Reed

Dennis Elementary School Class Photos

Most of the kids are identified, but the names of some escape me (Pat Reed). Those whose names are not known are listed as GIRL or BOY. Those whose name I am guessing at are shown with a following question mark. When there are rows, the kids are listed left to right.

Photo 1

Kindergarten – 1945 Teacher Mrs Cassidy

The kids were not in rows, but were mostly seated at tables – 4 tables with 4 students at each. There were 9 kids that were either seated behind the tables or were standing. Not sure which.

Seated in the rear, L-R: Joyce Moore, Jim Talbert, GIRL, Dave Tosh, BOY, Bob Mueller.

Seated at center front table, L-R: GIRL, John Gill, Dick Howard, Bob Felts.

Seated at left rear table, L-R: Barbara Freischlag, Patricia Richards, Barbara Boyer, BOY.

Seated at right rear table, L-R: GIRL, Bruce Stafford, GIRL, John Hoffman.

Seated or standing behind right rear table, L-R: BOY, Bob Gendry, Doug Nichols, Mrs Cassidy.

Seated at right front table, L-R: Patrick Reed, GIRL, Steve Mumma, John Kaufman.

Photo 2

First Grade – 1946 Teacher – Mrs Stone.

Row 1: Bob Felts, GIRL, Dick Howard, Carolyn Hungness, John Kapernick, Barbara Boyer, Dale Fencken, Joan Neet, John Gill, GIRL.

Row 2: BOY, Jim Beard, Patrick Reed, Bruce Stafford, Steve Mumma, GIRL, Joyce Moore, Debbie Miller (would graduate in '57), GIRL, GIRL, Judy Kaiser-?.

Row 3: Principal Mrs Mildred Price, Diana Shorb, Linda Walker, Dave Tosh, GIRL, Alice Rosenberg, GIRL, Jim Talbert, Mrs Stone.



Photo 3

Second Grade – 1947 or 1948. Can’t tell which it is – must be missing one year. The teacher’s name is Mrs. Liz Braden (still alive at 95 says Jim Douglas 2-7-14).

Row 1: Joan Neet, Dick Howard, Carolyn Hungness-?, John Gill, GIRL, Dale Fencken, Ginny Nicholson-?, Bob Felts, Barbara Freischlog-?.

Row 2: Barbara Boyer, Linda Walker, Joyce Moore, Alice Rosenberg, Diana Shorb, John Smith, Phil Gebhart, Dave Tosh, Jim Beard, Steve Mumma.

Row 3: BOY, John Kapernick, Patrick Reed, Brian Cooper, Bill Winn, Jim Talbert, GIRL, Linda Walker, GIRL, Judy Kaiser, Teacher.




Photo 4

Fourth Grade – 1949, Can’t remember the teacher’s name.

Row 1: Charles Lockhart, Stanley Hecht, Richard Stark.

Row 2: GIRL, Judy Seitz, Carolyn Hungness, Janice Quigle, Dana Little, GIRL, Polly Crawford, Daunt Chapman, Barbara Freischlag, Patricia Richards.

Row 3: Steve Mumma, Bill Winn, Marshall Colburn, Bill Turner, Arlen Deardorff, Jim Talbert, John Fagin, Patrick Reed, John Kapernick.

Row 4: Linda Walker, BOY, Phil Cushing, BOY, Bob Mueller, Cecile Fields, GIRL, GIRL, GIRL.

Photo 5

Fifth Grade – 1950: the teacher’s name Mrs. Spangler.  

Row 1: Dale Fencken, Alice Rosenberg, Polly Crawford, John Kapernick, Janice Duncan, Bruce Stafford, Barbara Freischlag, Bob Felts, Lona Beggs, Dick Howard.

Row 2: Phil Gebhardt, Jim Talbert, Dave Tosh, Janet Johnson, Judy Starr, Linda Walker, Patrick Reed, Janice Quigle, Daunt Chapman.

Row 3: Jim Beard, Joyce Moore, Jutta Bechtal, Connie Dworak, Bob (Skip) Mueller, Mike Clark, GIRL, Suzanne Lewis, Teacher.

Photo 6

Sixth Grade – 1951 Teacher Miss Vitton.

Row 1: Dave Tosh, Bill Turner, BOY.

Row 2: Greg Shoop, Janice Quigle, Steve Mumma, GIRL, BOY, GIRL, Richard Stark, Virginia Nicholson, Charles Lockhart.

Row 3: Joyce Moore, Judy Starr, Jim Talbert, Alice Rosenberg, Judy Seitz, Suzanne Lewis, Patrick Reed, Bruce Stafford, Bill Winn.

Row 4: Mrs Vitton, Diana Shorb, GIRL, Darth Vaughn-?, Bob Mueller, Doug Nichols, Helen Waller, Linda Walker, Dana Little.


Photo 6A - New Photo

Top Row, L2R,  unknown, unknown, Darth Vaughn, unknown (maybe Mike Clark), Doug Nichols, unknown (maybe John Smith), Jim Beard, Phil Cushing, Mr. Sanders


Middle Row, L2R, Rick Stark, Phil Gebhardt, Bruce Stafford, Chuck Lyons, unknown, unknown, Dave Tosh, Arlen Deardorff, John Kapernick, Dick Howard


Front Row, L2R, Patty Richards, Janice Duncan, Daunt Chapman, unknown, Janet Johnson, Joyce Moore, unknown, Carolyn Hungness, Barbara Freischlag, Lona Beggs

Note to Our Classmates: The odd thing is that there are several people identified as members of this class and also identified as members of Miss Vitton's class (Photo 6 - scroll up one photo). This includes Darth Vaughn, Doug Nichols, Dave Tosh, Rick Stark, and definitely Joyce Moore is in both pictures. Can you help answer this mystery?


Photo 7

Grades 1st, 2nd and 3rd - Mound School 1947 - 1948 - Teacher Miss Haines on the right; Mrs. Lamont, a teacher-helper, is on the left

Our own Dan Weber is in the 3rd row, 3rd from left directly behind 1st little boy in bibs and striped shirt;  Going right from Dan Weber is David Hardy, Kay Gray, Shirley Morenz, Virginia Harker, Marlene Hurst-?, Sandy Ford.  In front middle of Marlene and Sandy is Donna Venters and to the right of her is Connie Collins.


Photo 8

Gasman School - First Grade - about 1946

Brenda Mathis' First Grade at Gasman School

Quoting Brenda Mathis Sensenig: "Esther Flowers is front row second from the left. I am 2nd row second from the right. Eddie McCarty is front row 4th from the left, Bob Smith is just behind me; Tom Malleos is back row behind a tall blond girl (I think her name was Karen Kemper) next to Tom is Zona Nicholas. Dana Hallihan is second row 7th from the right. If you can enlarge it, others may see someone they know. Not certain that I have Karen Kemper right; she may be the other tall blond. I think the boy to the left of Eddie McCarty is Tom Gogerty (not sure I spelled his name correctly). I remember Eddie well, he chased me and kissed me every year until one of my brothers beat him up for doing that. By then, I think we were fifth grade and my little brother was only second grade. Poor Eddie never chased me again. Teachers name was Miss Yokeman (not certain of spelling) she married maybe the next year and became Mrs. Foster. I ran into to her at a meeting maybe 15 plus years ago. I knew who she was; before I could say anything, she looked at me and ask "are you the former Brenda Mathis?" What a memory!"


Photo 9

Warren School - 1950

Teacher Mrs. Steily -1950 Warren School - From Ron Haynes - check Ernie Dash in this shot too (row 3, 5th from right end), Bill Sowa in the 3rd row.

Marcia Telfer Weber is back row, standing next to the teacher (or Principal), left end. Bob Reeves directly behind Ernie, George Piper (front row, left end);

Gary Guysinger first row second from right, row 3, fourth from the left is Dennis Chaney.





Warren School Kindergarten 1946 - waiting photo





    WARREN SCHOOL, Kindergarten Class of 1946. Miss Nellie Clark (left) was
    the principal and Miss A. Lansden was the teacher. The copy listing the names
    of the students was pretty faint, so there may be a mistake or two in the
    names. But as much as I can read, the students in the top row (left to right)
    were Patty Stack, IIdred Rex, Sheila Hicks, Nancy Cummins, Carl Walters,
    Sharon Elaine Carr, Linda Lou Moore, Judith Jones, Keith Wilber.

    Center row:  Larry Johnson, Annette Boulware, Donald Dean Poe, Billie Davis, Mary
    Margaret Werries, Keith Guinn, Jerry Gandy and Sandra Hammon.

    Front Row: Beverly Wiley, Sharon Watts, Karen Mullen, Judy Thompson, Roy Moore and Beverly Thomas.  









Photo 10



Pugh Teachers


Pugh Teachers and Administrators

Kindergarten - Elmira Herrin 1st: Mrs. Ethrington and Miss Curl 2nd: Mrs. Shively and Miss Barcroft
2nd: Mrs. Shively & Miss Barcroft 3rd: Miss Rethorne & Mrs. Lansden 4th: Miss Auer and Miss Cohron
5th: Miss Cohron and Miss Foale 6th: Miss Henneberry & Miss Hendrix Principal - Miss Vargolis




Photo 11

Pugh School - First Grade - Teacher Mrs. Ethrington

Mrs. Ethrington's Pugh School First Grade Class - photo from Cheryl Garver, names from Linda Tate


Row l (closest to the right),  Linda Vance, Cheryl Garver, Dean Lanckton, Beverly Lanckton, Teddy Oakley, Bob Kirby, Jerry Lambert; Row 2, Linda Tate, Eugene Pyle, Karen Bartels, Larry Harris, Robert Head, Elizabeth Nixon, Donald Whitacre; Row 3, Diane Brown, Sonia Brooks, Jeanne Carr, Bob Calvert, Robert Sorrell, Bruce LeBeau (?), Margery Knierim; Row 4, Larry Varvel, John Frede, David Reed, George Elliott, Rosemary Runnels, Janice Moore, Betty LuAllen







Photo 12

5th Grade Pugh School 1950-1951 - Miss Cohron

Back Row:  Miss Cohron, Dean Lancton, Margery Knierim, Lois Abraham, Marilyn Willhite, Pat Hoffman, Barbara Hilderbran, Mae Myers, Pat Allen; 2nd Row:  Linda Cahail, Linda Tate, Vernon Fitch, Bob Sorrell, David Reed, Billy Eckert, David Schultz, Bob Kirby, Marilyn Chaney, Patsy Parker; Front Row:  Nancy Rubin, Kay Guise, Sharon Wicker, Patty Piers, Sammy Ann Latch, Phyllis Heir, Judy Corn, Janet Banfield, Stephany Garver; On floor:  Gary Catlin, Ronnie Wilber, Jim Andrews



Photo 13

Pugh School - 6th Grade - Courtesy of Megan Rainey - Teacher is Miss Henneberry - May 5th 1952

Starting with the standing boys and going from left to right: Fred M., David Smith, Keith Wright, Larry Rogers, Ronnie Hill, Dale Maddox, Donald Ryan, Bob Kirby, Ronnie Wilber, Johnny Frank, Homer Kelsheimer, and Dean Bloom.

Seated girls (and one boy) left to right: Nancy King (checkered dress), Joyce Reed, Linda Tate, Phyllis Heyer, Marilyn Schmitt, Carol Durbin, Janet Reindl, Judy Beiderwieden, Martha Warner, Barbara Crawford, Lonnie (June) Vording, David Redding, Patsy Parker, Janice Holderby, Marilyn Chaney, Pat Major, Patty Allen, Linda Vance, Elizabeth (Sibby) Nixon (plaid skirt), and Lee Ellen Albrecht. 






Photo 14

Garfield blind bookemark

Garfield School - 3rd Grade - Teacher Miss Fairweather

Front Row - Donna Walters 4th from right end with Jenny Cochenour (3rd from right in the Brownie Uniform)




Photo 15


Garfield School 4th Grade - Teacher Miss (or Mrs.?) Estes - Names courtesy of Megan Rainey

Back row left to right: Edith Estes (teacher), Arlen Teeters, Judy Donaldson, Elizabeth Nixon, Pat Major, Joe (?), Larry Thompson, Nancy (?), Linda (Clancy?), Betty (Morey?). Middle row left to right: John Wilson, Jim(?), Gloria Pullman, Sandra (?), Shirley (?), Ann Hale, Phyllis (?), Ronnie Hill, Max (?), Merle Howell. Front row left to right: Jim Asbury, Paul Guyer, Janice Holderby, Karen Hoyt, Patty (?), Donna Walters, Linda Hilliard, Ted Peoples.






Photo 16






Photo 17


4th Grade Miss Heilman Oglesby School - 1949

Dan Weber sent these names Feb 7th 2014

Row 1 (front): Roger Osborne, Alan?, Terry Cox, Dean German, boy

Row 2: Karen Puckett, Dean Burrous, girl, boy, Betsy Schenet, Don Champion, Sandra Bromley, George Cook, Sandra Oldham

Row 3: Ronnie Crow, Larry Rogers, boy, Mary Lou Slaw, Charlotte Parton, Phyllis Simpson, girl, Virginia Elder

Row 4 (back): Miss Heilman, David Coleman, Ronnie McKenzie, Dick McIntyre, boy, David Mayberry, Philip Staley?, Dan Weber, Joe Wilcox, Philip Slaw




Photo 18


6th Grade Oglesby School - Mrs Gibbs May 1952

Front row: Ronnie Haines, Bonnie Tooley, John Hendricks, Virginia Elder, (?), Janet Napier, Larry Johnson, Carmen Muirheid, Dean Burrous, (?), Second row: Tom Nichols, Jerry England, Dale Hall, Dan Weber, Allen Weiss, Larry Siders, Don Champion, David LeHew, David Coleman, Philip Slaw Third row: Mrs. Gibbs, Charlotte Parton, Marilyn Whitaker, Nancy Moldenhauer, Janet Wicker, Patsy Crawford, Mary Lou Slaw





Photo 19

blind    harold

Kindergarten Pugh School 1945

Back Row:  Mrs. Maude Vigels (principal), David Reed, David Curtis, Gary Doolin, Danny Weber, Ronald Pitman, Billy Eckert, Margery Knierim, Minnie Nixon, Mae Myers, Mrs. Ellmin Herrin (teacher): Middle Row: Bob Kirby, Marilyn Chaney, Janet Curry, Linda Vance, Carol Durbin, Karen Bartels, Patty Noonan, Margaret Barnstable, Cecila Camp, Linda Lou Tate, Harold Cazier: Front Row:  Sammy Ann Latch, Jackie Anderson, Linda Jones, David Smith, Patricia Krohn, Sammy Dempster, Cheryl Garver, Ronald Childs, Virginia Rogers





Photo 20


Pugh School - Fourth Grade - Miss Rethorne - Mrs. Maude Vigels (principal) - Dave Reed? - 3rd Row - 6th from left







Photo 21

French School 5th Grade - Teacher Thelma Bradshaw

Front Row: Jim Bragg, Ted Cruz, Tom Dillman; Second Row: Martha Bell, Cynthia Miller, Nita Ayers, Sue Armsworth, Judy Wolf, Jane Sanders, Judy Wright, Phyllis Thompson, Nancy Cruz; Third Row: Walter Sadowski, Mike Andrix, David Miller, Bill Sweetnam, Bruce Campbell, Sue Michl, David Robinson, David Washburn, Bobby Lyman; Back Row: Thelma Bradshaw (teacher), Steve Sanner, Nate Hines, Helen Johnson, Janetta Robinson, Frazier Bonds, Steve Eyer, Ken Arrick

Photo 22

5th grade dennis

5th grade, Dennis School, Teacher Lois Crum

First row, L to R:

Mignon Strickland, Charles Lockhart, Ginny Nicholson, Gregory Shoop, Penny Crothers, Ricky Stark, ?, Stanley Hecht, Joan Neet, maybe Dale Fencken?, Barbara Freischlag

Second row, L to R:

Barbara Boyer, ?, Dana Little, Diana Shorb, Judith Seitz, Cecile Fields, ? , Carolyn Hungness, Marshall Colburn, ?

Third row, L to R:

John Fagen, Arlen Deardorf, Doug Nichols, ?, Robert Smith (maybe), Darth Vaughn, Chuck Lyons, Phil Cushing, ?, Miss Crum




Photo 23

Courtesy of Marilyn Schmitt

1946-47 Class that Marilyn Schmitt was in at Olgesby  School. The teacher was Mrs. Charolette MaHan.