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This is Jan and John Frede's Personal Page

Here's Pugh School - Grades K-6 and the start for many of us












Mrs. Ethrington's Pugh School First Grade Class - from Cheryl Garver


Row l (closest to the right),  Linda Vance, Cheryl Garver, Dean Lanckton, Beverly Lanckton, Teddy Oakley, Bob Kirby, Jerry Lambert; Row 2, Linda Tate, Eugene Pyle, Karen Bartels, Larry Harris, Robert Head, Elizabeth Nixon, Donald Whitacre; Row 3, Diane Brown, Sonia Brooks, Jeanne Carr, Bob Calvert, Robert Sorrell, Bruce LeBeau (?), Margery Knierim; Row 4, Larry Varvel, John Frede, David Reed, George Elliott, Rosemary Runnels, Janice Moore, Betty LuAllen


John is in the middle here, right in front of David Reed









John, Jim Andrews, Carol Frede and Sally Andrews











And progressing to Junior High at Roosevelt







Two Special Teachers Remembered

Hannah Guenther Wallace (Wally) Barnett


Roosevelt Junior High School - Right Half of the bigger shot: John is in 6th row

John is in the middle of this cropped shot - next to Sandra Brumley - 6th row on the left portion of this photo











On to Stephen Decatur High School for 2 years









Then to MacArthur High School for Graduation in MacArthur's First Graduating Class - '58










Student Council:

Seated: Sandi Rutherford, Steve Mumma, Janice Duncan, John Frede, Daunt Chapman; Standing: Suzie Lewis, Judy Hendrian, Judy Donaldson, Chuck Lyon, Jerry Freeman, Phil Blakenburg, Jean Hayer, Judy Anderson






First Regimental Commanders:

Seated - Judy Hendrian, Vice-President, Judy Donaldson, Secretary, Daunt Chapman, Treasurer; Standing - John Frede, President, William Sigmon, Sergeant-at-Arms, Phil Blankenburg, Sergeant-at-Arms, Terry Musgrave, Sergeant-at-Arms, Chuck Lyon, Sergeant-at-Arms










Mac Arthur High School Class of 1958 - Yearbook Photos

Janice Beth Quigle: Cadet Assistant Editor, Advanced Girls, Choir Treasurer, Choraliers Vice President, Vespers, "Sweethearts", Student Council Vice President, Thalia, Homecoming Chairman, Carnival Finance Chairman, Prom Committee, Big Twelve, Short Story Contest Third Place Winner, "Brigadoon", "The Miser" Assistant Director

John Frederick Frede: Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Vice-President, Senior Class President, Student Council, Sophomore Talent Show, Junior Talent Show, Prom Committee Chairman, German Club President, Observer, Monitor, Fun Club Council President, Homecoming Assembly, Rifle Club, Class Ring Committee, Dedication Assembly











Class of '58 - 50th Reunion in 2008

Back Row (all standing) L-R: Dave Tosh, Willy Sigmon, Charlie Lockhart, Rick Stark, Bill Stoner, Jerry Freeman, Bob Felts, Judy Starr, Stanley Hecht, Jim Beard, and Dave Yocum

Third Row (all standing) L-R: Jim Talbert (blue shirt), Carroll Taylor (tan jacket), Karen Bartels England (dark dress), Gloria Pulliam Leeds, Betty Moore Hagen, Diana Shorb Eyre (lady in tan outfit), Judy Hendrian Wittenauer (colorful jacket), Janice Duncan Ford, Megan Elizabeth Nixon Rainey (camel tan outfit), Patsy Forcum (purple top), Brenda Palian Tabor (lady in blue outfit just back of Alice's right shoulder), Carolyn Hungness (gray sweater), Kay Gray (very dark sweater), Cheryl Garver Schmidt (print jacket), Linda Vance, Wanda Dillinger, Mignon Strickland (purple outfit), Shirley Morenz Taylor, Helen Waller Roman, Terry Musgrave (standing in back), --21--, --22--, Bob (Skip) Mueller, Jan Quigle Frede (lady in dark outfit), and Steve Mumma

Second Row (seated) L-R: Sam Dempster (seated on stool), Janet Wicker Dobbertin, Linda Tate Nelson, Gloria Shields Bates, Betty Fuqua Harris, Sandi Rutherford Esworthy, Jean Willms Holderby, Alice Eversole, Marilyn Schmidt Harris, Nancy Taylor Wade, Marilyn Chaney, Sharon Essex Walters, and Phil Blankenburg (kneeling in dark jacket)

Front Row (seated) L-R: Roger Campbell, Ed McQuality, Bob Gendry, Dale Coulter, John Kapernick, Pat Reed, and Julian Ridlen




Jan and Helen

From Our 50th Reunion

 Jan Quigle Frede and Helen Waller Roman





Thanks to John's sister, Carol, we have these ...

Carol and John Carol, John and June (Mom)
John The Frede Family: John, Fred, June and Carol
June Frede, John and Carol's Mom June and Fred Frede

John at 'work'





John and Carol



This looks like John at University of Illinois Graduation with June and Fred