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MHS Class of '58 Photo - 45th Reunion in 2003


MacArthur High School






Stephen Decatur High School



SDHS 40th Reunion - 1998


SDHS Class of '58 - 45th Reunion in 2003





Eisenhower High School



EHS Class of '58 45th Reunion - 2003





EHS Cheer Leaders, courtesy of Sandy Haring





Jim and Virginia Harker Bryant in Winslow, AZ






Lynn and Ernie Dash





Diane and Jim Edwards




Janice and Jerry Freeman





Jerry and Karen Bartels England




Dave and Mary Miller




Pam and Bob Gendry




Jerry and Darryl








Kay Kramer Stock and Sonya Taylor Crowe at the 2003 Reunion







Janice Duncan Ford Jim and Sharon Talbert
Dean Huffman Dee and Larry Siders
Ed McQuality and Roger Campbell Dana Hallihan
Say hello to Elvis 50th Reunion with Bruce Kinsey at EHS
Barbara Barwick Brenda, Jack and Wolfe
Sharon Cash Burbes Mavis Denise Kirk Layfield
Kay and Sherry             Dave Yochum and Diana Reeser Gendry. It was taken at the reunion in 1993 at the Holiday Inn.
Need a lawyer anyone? Patty Richards
Chuck Lyon Jim Lyles
Jean and ... Judy Donaldson




The Extremely Cool Guys

Jim Douglas in front with Jack Coventry, Ron McKenzie, Ron Wilbur, Willy Sigmon, and Jerry Benjamin





Sue and Dave Wyness: Just Married ... and Away We Go





Jim and Virginia Harker Bryant





Avon Theater - 50th Reunion




Avon Theater - 50th Reunion





Avon Theater - 50th Reunion





Kay and ...



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