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  Brenda Mathis in Junior High




Spot saved for photo of Johns Hill Junior High School-associated photos












Spot saved for photo of Centennial Junior High School and associated photos







Photos and names sent April 20th by Pat Reed

Woodrow Wilson Home Room 208 Teacher Mr Follis Paul

Row 1: Bob Gendry, Walter Sadowski, Frank March, Howard Roberson, Patrick Reed, Jack Mades.

Row 2: Joan Neet, Judy Seitz, Alice Rosenberg, Diana Reeser, Janetta Robinson-?, Karen Murphy, Norma Hickman, GIRL, GIRL.

Row 3: Janice Quigle, Diana Shorb, Judy Starr, Doug Nichols, Fred Rice, Bob Mueller, Bill Neilson, Barton Coulter, Ron Schilling, Mr Paul.

Row 4: GIRL, GIRL, Barbara Freischlag, Patricia Richards, Virginia Nicholson, Mike Ritchie, Bill Ramlow, GIRL, Dennis Rodgers.

Woodrow Wilson Jr High Tumbling Club - 1


Woodrow Wilson Jr High Tumbling Club - 2

Woodrow Wilson Junior High School - class and date unknown

  Taken from Sally Andrews' sites - cannot verify date or names; do they look familiar?  

Phyllis Hubbard sent this Woodrow Wilson class photo. If you know the year or the question marks, please add the info. Bottom row: ?, ?, Judy Goodson, Betty Kimmons, Sue Heffernan, Allen Swanson, Larry Allison?, Bobby Snell, Roger Simpson. Row 2: Nancy Irwin, Phyllis Hubbard, Pat Mitchell, Susie Maxwell, Anita Nolan, Joan Foval, Patsy Gulick, Karen Ayers. Row 3: Jane Gage, Judy Turner, Karen Wilke, Harriett Williamson, Barb Winkleblack, Liz LeMarr, ?. Row 4: ?, Roger McConnell, Rod Repogle, Marvin Hansen, ?, Richard Day, Jim Jarrett, Allen Hughey.

This from Dennis Rodgers: In the photo memories section, regarding the picture of the junior high class at Woodrow Wilson, I recognize Bob Snell in first row, second from the end on the right.  Bob was the older brother of Bill Snell who married Jan Tanner in our class.  I believe Bill was in the class of í57, and Iím pretty sure Bob was in the class of í55.  Their parents were Robert & Ethel Snell.  Both were teachers at Woodrow.  He was our 8th grade science teacher, and she was our 9th grade Latin teacher.  Bob was working the fountain at the Colonial Restaurant when I started there as a busboy.  Howard Rudd of our class took over that fountain job when Bob left.   Also in that picture is Karen Ayers, the older sister of our Nita Ayers.  I donít remember them being at Woodrow when I was there, nor do I recognize any others in the picture.  All in all, I have to say that picture was taken before we in our class got to Woodrow in the fall of 1952.  Nita or Bill could correct me if Iím wrong.









  Hannah Guenther at Roosevelt Jr High. She taught us how to diagram our sentences. This colorized photo is courtesy of our Classmate Dave Miller.  Wally Barnett - Roosevelt Orchestra and Band Director. Wally was a very kind, gentle and patient person.


Enchanted Isle Production - Roosevelt Junior High School


Enchanted Isle Production at Roosevelt Junior High - Lucille Morthland, Ellie Fink, Lois Adams and Wally Barnett






Marge Knierim



From Marge Knierim: My favorite Roosevelt Junior High teacher was Mrs. Williams. She taught only the first semester until Mr. Carter Caudle finished his military tour. We learned a lot of poetry. Some I have forgotten, but some I have carried with me through the years. These are two of my favorite and I'm sharing with my Classmates.

"Stars" by Sarah Teasdale link "Preparedness" By Edwin Markham link
Alone in the night on a dark hill    For all your days prepare,
With pines around me spicy and still,   And meet them ever alike:
And a heaven full of stars over my head,   When you are the anvil, bare -
White and topaz and misty red;      When you are the hammer, strike.
 Myriad of beating hearts of fire  
That aeons cannot vex or tire;  
Up the dome of Heaven like a great hill,  
I watch them marching stately and still,  
And I know that I am honored to be  
Witness of so much majesty.  















administrators and teachers


Roosevelt Teachers and Administrators

Principal - Mr. E. J. Muffley Asst Principal - Mr. Dale Snell 'Miss' Mrs. Burns - Secretary Miss Guenther - English
Miss Gray - Math Mr. Heckert - Math Mr. 'Dutch' Henry - Coach Miss Morthland
Mr. Groves - Drafting/shop Mr. Cunningham - Woodshop Mr. Truman Smith - Science Miss Svendsen - Math
Miss Weld Mr. Seany Mrs. Williams Miss Hodson
Mr. Wallace Barnett - Band Mrs. Lanman Mr. Caudle Lois Adams - Music
Ellie Fink Miss Allen    






Class photos from about 1954

This photo has come in three parts - and some of the folks in the center are also on either side - left side below

This photo has come in three parts - and some of the folks in the center are also on either side - center section below
This photo has come in three parts - and some of the folks in the center are also on either side - right side below


This is the single Roosevelt Junior High Photo - click to expand - then use the left button with + magnifying glass symbol